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The Karl Kirchgessner Foundation ("Foundation") is a private foundation organized in 1979. The Foundation's purposes are exclusively charitable and are accomplished primarily through support of institutions located in the Southern California area, which are actively engaged in the provision of services in the field of vision.

The Foundation's mission is to assist economically disadvantaged persons, especially those among the young, the elderly, and the disabled. While the Foundation supports a limited amount of eye research, its emphasis is to support activities in the area of eye care, and in helping those with sight problems to be self-sufficient.


  • Grants are made to qualified organizations and institutions that are exempt from Federal taxes under IRC Section 501(c)(3). No grants are made to individuals or to fund-raising campaigns.
  • Particular attention is given to applicants from the Southern California area.
  • Race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation or religion are not factors in the consideration and awarding of grants.
  • Grants are restricted to organizations whose overhead expenses are deemed to be reasonable by our Foundation.
  • The Foundation strongly encourages applications which incorporate funding through matching grants.